Zimmermann Farm
The Zimmermann Farm
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Outside of Altstadt.
Objective None.
Danger rating Safe
Map N/A
Location guide

The Zimmermann Farm is a location seen during a flashback in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


The location is only seen in the form of a flashback when Daniel collects the diary page in the Nave, just after escaping the Cells and returning to the Nave. It is the only time in the game where the player is completely outside and the second when the player is away from Castle Brennenburg.

As with most diary entries collected, Daniel's narration of the diary page is heard while the player is here, it tells of an event where Alexander struck down Zimmermann, while Daniel collected the other residents of the farm and brought them to Castle Brennenburg. The captured citizens were used in torturous, sacrificial rituals to ward off The Shadow. This happened prior to the events of the game.

Here, the player can only move slowly and can't interact with anything, check their inventory nor use their lantern.

Diary PageEdit

18th of August 1839 – The KidnappingEdit

Tonight, we will unlock the power of the Orb and ultimately banish the shadow hunting me. I feel it closing in on me and I fear for my life more than ever.

Just outside Altstadt lies a small settlement where Zimmermann, a dairy farmer, lives with his wife and three children. We took the coach and went there. Our visit was unexpected and Alexander was able to strike Herr Zimmermann down without alerting the others. As he went to take care of the farm hands, I began to look for the children.

We should have more than enough prisoners to finish the ritual now.

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