Well, a bit of time ago, I've been seeing some roleplaying in the comments. I, for one, don't exactly care much, but it's the people who do care that get pissed off. I have a suggestion that can work for all of us. We have a Live Chat in the wiki, so just join in any time! I will be moderating the chat to make sure no actual flame wars start. And if you ARE roleplaying and you wanna say something that is OCC, type (like this). But if you aren't roleplaying, I guess just talk to me via PM? As soon as I get Chat Mod status, I'll be on the chat a bit more, and I'll get the whole thing started. If there is no roleplaying going on, I guess we just talk? Anyhow, this is Star, signing off~

18:08, August 22, 2013 (UTC)Xenomorph Praetorian (talk)

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