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aka Dr. Star MacHeath

  • I live in South Carolina
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Doctor
  • I am Female
  • Star MacHeath

    Well, hello everyone! I've returned from that long absence of mine. When was I last here, 2013? But, enough of my rambling. In my absence from the wiki, I moved to a new state(South Carolina!) with my cousin. Just recently last year I caught a nasty stomach virus, but it's starting to cool down now. I decided to come back here because I missed everyone here.

    So I end this blog post with a question;

    How has 2014 been for you, and what do you think this year will bring?

    23:25, January 10, 2015 (UTC)Star MacHeath (talk)

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  • Star MacHeath

    So, I've seen all the pages, and I've frankly been a bit disappointed. I was waiting for someone to do an infobox for each of the character and monster pages. Since it isn't happening, I'll just put a template for the Grunt so we can continue for each of the pages for animate creatures.

    EDIT: I have done so for the Brute, Grunt, and Suitor pages. I trust everyone else will do the same for the others that need it.

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  • Star MacHeath

    Well, I may be away for a bit of time, since I recently got sick. With what: I don't know. But I know I'll be a bit slow in responding. I'll still be around, but I'll just be very... slow.

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  • Star MacHeath

    Note: Made per request during a chat session.

    In the chat, the chat Godess known as Star MacHeath will watch over you and choose if you are to live or die.

    Basically, these are the chat rules.

    1. No trolling.

    2. No flame wars.

    3. No constant spam.

    4. Don't be the following:

    • Ageist
    • Sexist
    • Racist
    • Or anything relating hating a certain group.

    5. Do not join if you are underaged(ex: Below 13 years of age)

    6. If the Godess of the chat admin tells you to stop, then you stop.

    7. No insulting users/admins.

    Breaking any of these rules will result in a kick. You get 3 warnings, which are kicks. If you break the rules a fourth time, it will be a chat ban for at least a day.


    • Underaged.
    • Had to hide his age until everyone in the chat told him to tell it
    • Being raci…

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  • Star MacHeath

    Getting a name change...

    September 29, 2013 by Star MacHeath

    Well, I'm quite bored of this name, so I'm gonna get this name changed to my real name

    01:17, September 29, 2013 (UTC)Xenomorph Praetorian (talk)

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