I've been doing quite a lot of editing recently, and I've decided to make a list of the things that I find needs to be done on this wiki. If you have the time and knowledge, please feel free to get on work on one of these things!!

Pages needed:


  • General Ambroise - (Remember): The general who killed Faraj and Baki at the a start of the uprising in Old Friends. He was the owner of a star-shaped soap stone which he handed to Herbert.
  • Dorotea Stoss - (Remember): An inhabitant of Altstadt during the barn fire detailed in House of Gerich.
  • Anna Koch - (Remember): Daughter of Anna Stoss.
  • Klaas Gottschall - (Remember): Main character of House of Gerich.
  • Emil - (Remember): The farmhand suspected to have started the fire in House of Gerich.
  • Henry Bedloe - (The Dark Descent): The boy who bullied Daniel during his childhood.
  • Madame Florbelle - (Justine): Justine's mother.
  • Florbelle Estate - (Justine): The home of Justine.
  • Faraj - (Remember): Herbert's friend, who gave him Weyer's map.
  • Baki - (Remember): Faraj's nephew, who was killed by General Ambroise.
  • Abdullah - (The Dark Descent): A man Herbert sent back to Algiers to get help after most of the expedition crew was killed.
  • Sir William Smith - (The Dark Descent): A geologist Daniel visited to get more information about the orb.
  • Professor Tate - (The Dark Descent): Daniel's physician who was killed by The Shadow.
  • Professor Taylor - (The Dark Descent): A professor at the university Daniel went to to gather more information about the orb.
  • Gabriel - (Remember, The Dark Descent): The outrider who brought Daniel to Altstadt. Is the main character of The Outrider.
  • Jacob - (Remember): The young inn-worker of the local inn of Altstadt. Plays a major role in multiple stories in Remember.
  • Gustaf Zimmermann - (Remember, The Dark Descent): Father of Elise in Waiting for the rain. Presumably also the same person as the Zimmermann who appeared in House of Gerich. Was kidnapped by Alexander and Daniel in The Dark Descent.
  • Elise Zimmermann - (Remember, The Dark Descent): Gustaf's daughter. Was kidnapped by Alexander and Daniel in The Dark Descent. Is presumably the girl who tried to escape the prison, but was caught and murdered by Daniel in the Storage.
  • Lucien Racine - (Justine): Mother of Aloïse Racine.
  • Malo de Vigny - (Justine): The third suitor encountered in Justine.
  • Basile Giroux - (Justine): The second suitor encountered in Justine.
  • Thomas Grip - (Real life): Leader of Frictional Games.
  • Jens Nilsson - (Real life): Leader of Frictional Games.
  • Jessica Curry - (Real life): Director and composer at The Chinese Room.
  • Dan Pinchbeck - (Real life): Creative Director at The Chinese Room.


  • The Other World - (The Dark Descent): The parallell universe Alexander was banished from, and is trying to return to (the one Daniel and Agrippa goes to at the good ending)
  • Altstadt - (The Dark Descent, Remember): The town near Brennenburg. It's the birthtown of Gabriel the Outrider, and plays a central role in several of the short stories in Remember: Amnesia The Dark Descent.
  • The Tomb of Tin Hinan - (Remember, The Dark Descent): The location of Herbert's and Daniel's expedition. This is where Daniel obtained the orb.
  • The Temple of the Stone Moon - (A Machine for Pigs): The temple where Oswald foud his orb and murdered his children.
  • London - (The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs): The city where A Machine for Pigs take place. Also where Daniel is from.


  • Weyer's Map - (Remember, The Dark Descent): The map that was created by Weyer and later handed down to Faraj who gave it to Herbert. It contained the location of the Tomb of Tin Hinan.
  • Orgone Monad Dispersal Fluid - (A Machine for Pigs): A substance that, along with Vitae, creates Compound X.


  • The Order of the Black Eagle - (The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs): The real-life order Alexander (and presumably also Oswald) was part of, and helped create.
  • Tinker - (Remember): A local cat kidnapped by a Gatherer, but saved by Gabriel.
  • Developer Commentary - (The Dark Descent): A page about the developer commentary in TDD.

Pages in bold  are pages I see as more important than the rest.

Other things


  • The pages Enoch and Edwin are very similar - I propose these pages to be merged into one.
  • A separate page for each short-story from Remember maybe? also, how okay would it be to have the actual stories readable on said pages (regarding copyright issues)?
  • The two pages Olof Strand and Jonas Steinick Berlin are really good. However, they contain more information on the creation of the Gatherers than on the actual people themselves. I suggest that the information on these pages are moved to the Servant Grunt page, or somewhere else.
  • Renaming Choir page to Choir - Main Hall.
  • Instead of a bunch of information being dumped in the same place, I suggest pages to be split up to only contain information about a single game, and instead creating disambiguation pages for similarly named pages (Example: Loading screens (The Dark Descent, Loading screens (Justine), and Loading screens (A Machine for Pigs) instead of a large single page just called 'Loading Screens'. Pages like these include, but are not limited to,: Lantern, Phonograph, Puzzle-related items, Journal, Loading Screens, Quotes.
  • A short page about each of the Penumbra games, including a summary of the plot and its similarities to the Amnesia games.

I'll probably add more stuff to this later, as well as get to to work on some of these