Ring a Ding Ding Kiddies! CrackingCody Here. Check out my youtube channel for my new game series, Sleepy Horror. I take my insomnia meds, and play the scariest games around. And of course the first game I play to scare the willies out of me, is Amnesia The Dark Descent. I'll post the links below to the first 8 episodes. Please subscribe and share this content, for I do wish to grow so I can make many more videos!

Amnesia Part 1


Amnesia Part 2


Amnesia Part 3


Amnesia Part 4

Getting Tense

Amnesia Part 5

What Was That....?

Amnesia Part 6

Don't Do It Daniel!

Amnesia Part 7

Go Munch Your Meat!!!

Amnesia Part 8

You Hear Those Pooches?!?

I'll have at least 3 episodes done per night, so stay in touch! And please subscribe, I do want to hit 25 by the end of the week!
Amnesia title

Sleepy Horror

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