I love how this website gives me all the information I need for this game. Expecialy when I want to research on some types of monsters. I know this is kinda cheesy. BUT THIS GAME HAS CHANGED MEH LIFE A TON. The way its created is amazing and I LOVE AND I MEAN LOVE the Suitor page. Its a real life saver when Im writing a story and trying to make one of my characters talk. Also the monster's models are AMAZING! I love the grunts over all because hes just one heck of a killer. THERE IS BLOOD EVERYWHERE on his claw :)

Frictional Games will NEVER let me down!

AmnesiaGrunt1201 (talk) 22:17, September 24, 2012 (UTC)AmnesiaGrunt1201

(Also have a good time when your here and have an account. Its tons of fun to chat with people!)

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