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Tuurngait Infected
Tuurngait Infected from Penumbra: Black Plague.
Type Humanoid
Damage Medium?
First appearance Wine Cellar

The Tuurngait Infected are enemies from the game Penumbra: Black Plague and only appeared in Amnesia: The Dark Descent beta gameplay video in the Wine Cellar.

Description Edit

Obviously, the Tuurngait Infected look identical to themselves from the Penumbra series; appearing as nude, palish-colored humanoids with red mouths and black eyes. They also have the same dialog lines like from Penumbra.

From the beta gameplay video, unlike from the actual Penumbra: Black Plague game, the Tuurngait Infected doesn't carry any equipment at all.

Information Edit

They were not actually intended to appear in the latter game, as they were for showcasing the concept of sanity.

As the final release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Tuurngait Infected are ultimately replaced by the game's own enemies - the Gatherers.

Tuurngait Infected can still be added to the game's custom stories (the "Madness Demo story" for example), however.

Video Edit

SUPER SECRET Amnesia BETA gameplay by FrictionalGames04:34

SUPER SECRET Amnesia BETA gameplay by FrictionalGames

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