Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent is a short story collection written by Mikael Hedberg and illustrated by Rasmus Gunnarsson and Jonas Steinick. It's included in version 1.2 of Amnesia - The Dark Descent . It is a PDF file found in the Amnesia - The Dark Descent/redist folder titled "Remember - Short Story Collection".

The collection comprises five short stories plus an epilogue, all linked together, which connect with the events of Amnesia - The Dark Descent.

House of GerichEdit

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This story takes place in the year of 1774. The story follows Klaas Gottschall, a historian of the University of Königsberg, who is trying to shed light on the fate of Wilhelm of the House of Gerich. The historian talks to various people in Altstadt in order to know more about Wilhelm's last case; a barn fire which occured a couple of miles south of Altstadt. His trail leads him to Brennenburg Castle, where he goes to meet the baron, Alexander, which is where the story ends. Klaas' fate is unknown.

This story connects to Waiting for the Rain as Klaas asks Gustaf Zimmermann for information.

Chronologically, this story is the second one to take place.

Old FriendsEdit

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This story takes place in the year of 1839, a day before Daniel and Herbert traveled to the Tomb of Tin Hinan. In this story, the protagonist is Herbert, and it tells how he got the map to the tomb of Tin Hinan, the same tomb where Daniel found the Orb. The map, which was owned by Johann Weyer, is given to him by an Algerian friend, Faraj, who is later killed in a rebel uprising in the city along with his nephew Baki. Herbert manages to make his way back to the hotel where he's staying with Daniel.

This story connects to With the Blessing of a King because of the mysterious star-shaped soapstone found by a French soldier and the mentioning of Johann Weyer.

Chronologically, this story is the third one to take place.

With the Blessing of a KingEdit

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This story is set in Calais, 1558, where Johann Weyer was sent by King Henry II. Three French soldiers stopped Weyer, and after knowing he was on an assignment by the king they eagerly help the scholar in his quest. The four men entered the old church that Weyer was searching.  A soldier happens to find a small star-shaped soap stone. There they discovered a secret chamber containing an artifact. The artifact in question is an Orb. As the soldiers grabbed the Orb, The Shadow was summoned. The Shadow kills two of the men, while Weyer and the last soldier manage to seal the chamber and escape with the soap stone and the orb.

Chronologically, this story is the first one to take place.

Waiting for the RainEdit

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This story takes place in 1839, during Daniel's stay at Brennenburg. The protagonist of the story is Elise Zimmermann. The story starts at the cemetery, where the Zimmermann family is mourning the death of their only male child, Friederich. The father, Gustaf, broken by grief, says that it would be better if one of his daughters had died instead of Friederich. Elise then decides to leave the family in secret. Her escape attempt is discovered by her father, who stops her and, deranged, threatens to kill her. However, the man soon regains his senses and lets his daughter go. The story ends when Elise, while running away, sees a carriage coming towards the farmstead.

The carriage is most likely the one coming from Brennenburg Castle to kidnap the Family.

Chronologically, this story is the fifth one to take place.

The OutriderEdit

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This story takes place in 1839, on the day when Daniel arrives at Altstadt. The story follows Gabriel, the coachman who is leading Daniel to Castle Brennenburg, as they stop at Der Mühle Inn in Altstadt where Daniel stays for the night. Gabriel, while talking to his friend Jakob, hears the local black cat, Tinker, yowling and they run to aid it. They then see a creature covered in a black cloak shoving the cat in a sack.

Gabriel tries to stop the thing, which strikes Jakob and goes away. After taking Jakob back, he picks up a rifle and starts to pursue the mysterious figure. The chase brings him to a cave where he finds the creature and shoots it. The thing doesn't fall down and shambles in the cave. Gabriel follows the thing, which instead of running away grabs the coachman. Panicking, Gabriel uncovers the thing's head. The creature is a malformed, hideous monster, whose description matches with a Servant Grunt.

Gabriel manages to free himself and after noticing that more lights were coming from the tunnel, starts to run away while feeling "the madness burning his senses". He stumbles into some water and lets himself be carried away. After regaining his focus, he pulls himself out. Zell, one of the men who rescued Gabriel, says that the Servant is "one of them lost souls who came for the animals every night". This and the description of the creature throughout the story matches with the local folklore surrounding the Gatherers found in the Archives.

This story connects to Old Friends because of the pocket watch that Daniel gives to Gabriel. The watch was Herbert's.

Chronologically, this story is the fourth one to take place.


The epilogue is a short scrap from Jakob's diary. It takes place on the same day as Waiting for the Rain. Jakob talks about the burial, that he planted an apple seed, and that Gabriel got the watch to work. He then expresses sadness over the fact that Gabriel soon would come to leave Altstadt, and hopes that "the Englishman enjoys himself so much that he never leaves the castle", with "Englishman" referring to Daniel.

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