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Rainy Hall

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Rainy Hall
Rainy hall
The Rainy Hall
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Follow the pink liquid.
Danger rating Safe
Map Amnesia map rainy hall by hidethedecay-d3yj16s
Location guide
Old Archives
"My name is.... I am... Daniel!"
―Daniel, moments before the game begins.

The Rainy Hall is the first location visited in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It's the section of Brennenburg Castle where Daniel awakens after drinking the amnesia-inducing potion.

There is a trail of pink liquid leading through the Rainy Hall, which serves as Daniel's first objective in the game. A large door leads out to what can only be assumed to be the castle's balcony as Daniel is on the first-floor, but the Shadow prevents him from leaving. Daniel having no bearings decides to start following the liquid trail back to its source through long, narrow hallways down to the Old Archives.


  • When Daniel interacts with the large door in the hallway, the Shadow will roar at him and obstruct it, but its fleshy matter does not appear. He will lose a little sanity from being startled.
  • Daniel cannot run in this area. After taking the Amnesia tonic that destroyed his former-self's personality and memories he is very dizzy and confused. He'll often lose his balance and nearly black-out several times.
  • In the Demo, this area leads straight to the Refinery.


Rainy Hall04:05

Rainy Hall

Brennenburg Castle:
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