This page gathers all the quotes from each character in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its expansion Amnesia: Justine, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Amnesia: The Dark DescentEdit


  • "Don't forget... Some things musn't be forgotten. The shadow hunting me... I must hurry. "My name is Daniel, I live in London at... At... Mayfair..." "What have I done? This is crazy. Don't forget, Don't forget. I must stop him. Focus!" "My name is... Is... I am Daniel." - Daniel, at the very start of the game, stumbling through the Rainy Hall after drinking the amnesia drink.
  • "Will this ever end?" "That taste... that fragrance... Damascus rose!" - After drinking the Amnesia tonic.
  • "What... What is this place?" - When he enters the Wine Cellar.
  • "What was that!?" – When he hears the floorboards above him creak as someone or something walks around upstairs.
  • "Someone's coming!" – Hearing a Gatherer approaching.
  • "Is anyone there?" "It's's so cold." "Something is wrong, oh so wrong!" "Get away!" "You shouldn’t do that!" "The blood! Use it for the ritual." "Just like Regent's Park." - Spoken randomly.
  • "There is nothing left, everything is gone." - Daniel lamenting in the Storage rooms.
  • "I have to get out of here." "This shouldn't be!" - While wandering the Prison or elsewhere aimlessly.
  • "Do whatever it takes!" - Daniel regains his resolve in the Chancel.
  • "The Shadow... it's close now..." "The darkness... closing in." - Daniel becomes afraid as the Shadow surrounds him.
  • "What happened to her?" "Help her! Find a way!" "No! Don't kill her!" "Is she dead?" "Get her back!" "Find her!" "All dressed in blue." "Maybe she knows?" - Daniel gasps about the girl's possible fate, expressing remorse.
  • "She deserved it... that little..bitch." - Daniel, who is presumed to have said this to get over the guilt of brutally murdering the little girl.
  • "Who are you to question me!?" - Daniel expressing his own self-doubt in the Choir Entrance after having a flashback where he performed the 'blood warding ritual'
  • "He sees what I see!" - After Daniel realises Alexander is psychic.
  • "Hmm shouldn't trust him." "He's lying." - Daniel rejects the Baron's claims that he must offer himself up to the Shadow in order to redeem himself.
  • "Should kill them all, burn this castle to the ground!" "Crush his skull! He deserves it!" "He'll never see it coming." - Daniel contemplating exacting his revenge on the diabolical Alexander.
  • "Shimmering, blue light..." "The flicker, the bluish light... getting closer somehow." - Daniel in the dungeons, when coming near the natural ceiling light. He was referring to the blue light of the orb while stuck in the caverns.
  • "Get away! I shouldn't do that!" - While touching an object not relevant to the mission.
  • "OH! NO! Argh!" - Daniel starts screaming as the Shadow finally captures and consumes him.
  • "It was my greatest triumph...and I never looked back. You think I was afraid fleeing Brennenburg? Quite the contrary. I knew it was my purgatory - hellfire made to wash away my sins. There's no denying the things I've done. But I have paid my tribute. I gave them that awful man...I did the right thing." - Daniel, after stopping Alexander and avenging the innocent people who had been killed, assumes the Shadow no longer hunts him and leaves Brennenburg with a guilt-free conscience.

Alexander of BrennenburgEdit

  • "Is he safe? Well, it's for his own good." – Alexander murmurs this while Daniel wanders the Prison Northern Block, not realising he can hear the thoughts.
  • "Soon it will be ready. Let there be enough time." - Alexander is in the Orb Chamber still making final preparations for the ritual to return to his home-world.
  • "He escaped!? Where is he now?" - He shouts this when Daniel is making progress in the corridors while evading his Gatherers.
  • "Daniel, is that you? What are you doing?" - Alexander communicates with Daniel who is busy repairing machinery in Control Room.
  • "I hear you breathing Daniel. Do you hear me? Have you changed your mind?" - Alexander talks via telepathy to Daniel when enters the Morgue.
  • "Daniel! Turn around this instant. You are carrying the Shadow with you!" -Alexander becomes frantic as the Guardian comes nearer. As Daniel goes deep into the Sewers the Shadow following him is breaking down reality and killing his monstrous servants.
  • "Is this guilt I'm witnessing, Daniel? If so, blame yourself. You started this. You sent me that letter asking for help and this is how you repay me? How dare you!" - Alexander expresses his outrage as Daniel explores the Chancel.
  • "Daniel. You have gone too far. I have to stop you. I can't let you proceed any further. I'm sorry, my friend." - Alexander threatening Daniel after he opens the doors to allow him access to the rest of the Nave.
  • "What are my intentions, Daniel? Salvation. It used to be yours. But now you only seek misplaced revenge. How do you justify your violence? Is it for the greater good? Are you doing the world a service? It is you who caused all this pain and death. If you had accepted your fate and submitted to the Orb when you first discovered it, none of this would have happened. It is curiosity in league with your selfishness that is killing us both." - Alexander talks via telepathy to Daniel when enters the Choir Main Hall.
  • "You had me worried. Quite frankly, I'm not sure what to do with you. I hold no grudge against you, Daniel. We are so very much the same, you and I. Did you really drink from the Amnesia mixture? It does explain so much of your behavior. You never did finish what you set out to do. You talked about redemption. How you would face the Orb's Shadow and save our work – and me? I will grant you another chance to redeem yourself. You can wait here and stop the Shadow. Thank you – friend." – Alexander giving Daniel an ultimatum in the prison cells, hoping he'll offer himself up as a sacrifice to the vengeful Shadow so he can use its orb and escape this world.
  • "I was wondering if you were going to show up." - Alexander speaking directly to Daniel in person as he enters the Inner Sanctum's Orb Chamber.
  • "I see Agrippa convinced you to run some errands. Tell me, is everything nice and clear now? Am I the villain? Good and evil. Such comforting concepts - but hardly applicable. Are you so blind that you see no good in me? Or evil in Agrippa?" - Only spoken if Daniel has made Weyer's Tonic for Agrippa.
  • "It saddens me to see you filled with such hate. Is vengeance really what you seek? I hoped you of all people could appreciate the grave nature of this situation. After all, it has always been your life we were fighting for. Isn't it worth a little... sacrifice? Come, help me finish the ritual. There's still time before the shadow catches up with you." - Spoken if Daniel has not completely created the tonic for Agrippa.
  • "Do you see it, Daniel? A whole other world - isn't it beautiful? I can finally return... home. But you... I am sorry Daniel. You won't be able to enter. You are still tainted - branded by the Shadow. It will consume you either way." - Alexander remarks his departure to his home-world as the portal opens and apologises to Daniel that he cannot escape his fate.
  • "Thank you my friend. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. You will be celebrated, forever!" - Alexander thanking Daniel after he successfully returns home, while the hapless young man is devoured by the Shadow.
  • "No, you fool! You have ruined us!" - Alexander expresses his horror and bewilderment as Daniel throws in Agrippa's head before Alex can enter the portal, as they are both consumed together by the Shadow for abusing the orb's power.
  • "No, don't do that." - Spoken when Daniel topples over the first pylon.
  • "I realise, you doubt my intentions. Why would I take such extreme measures to save your life? Maybe, I'm saving mine too." - Alexander tries to distract Daniel while he continues with the ritual.
  • "Stop it Daniel, you are ruining it. We are so close - I beg you." - Uttered when Daniel knocks down the second pylon.
  • "I'm just like you, Daniel. A prisoner of circumstance. Trapped in a world I no longer recognise. As you gain your freedom, will you deny me mine? We are so close now. Closer than I've been for centuries." - Alexander becomes increasingly desperate and pleads with Daniel to let him finish the ritual.
  • "No, you fool! You killed us - You killed us both!" - Alexander screams when Daniel topples the last pillar and ruins the ritual and Alexander is dissolved in a blue light.

Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaEdit

  • "Help me. Pull the switch. Next to me. Please." - A strained Agrippa begs Daniel to turn on the machine next to him to enable him to talk freely and conserve his life-force.
  • "Thank you, you have my gratitude. My name is Agrippa. Who might you be? Daniel? Like the prophet thrown into the lion's den. Tell me – are you among the lions, Daniel? You want to stop Alexander? Oh, Babylon shall fall, you say. You worry too much. Alexander is toothless without an orb. He has one? That's... that's not very promising at all. The Sanctum is basically impenetrable while guested by an orb. It could be breached by another, but... Alexander broke his, I mean my orb, a long time ago. Really? Well, if you tell the truth, by all means. Seek out the pieces of the broken orb and mend away. I believe he uses them for torture now. They practically leak madness, which is quite useful I understand. There should be six of them. Look around the Choir and the Transept, you should be able to find them there." - After Daniel turns on the machine Agrippa thanks him and introduces himself. Both talk about how Daniel plans to take revenge on the Baron and how to reach him in the Inner Sanctum.
  • "Daniel – I hate to bother you further, but... If you are really going after Alexander. Would you consider...taking me with you? I know it sounds ridiculous – I mean look at me. But if you find anything concerning a man named Johann Weyer, would you please bring it to me? I believe he was working on a way to help me. A recipe for some sort of potion – a tonic to free me from this husk of mine." - Agrippa makes a request to Daniel to save his failing life.
  • "So, the laboratory is locked. That is unfortunate. But it can wait. Find the orb pieces and the ingredients for Weyer's tonic. We'll have to deal with the laboratory door later." - Daniel reports to Agrippa the laboratory door is inaccessible.
  • "What lever? Oh, that one. So many of Alexander’s things are breaking down. Look around, maybe the other room. There are machine parts hidden all over this place. You’ll find a way to fix it." - Agrippa and Daniel discuss how to open the double doors in the Nave.
  • "You got the doors open? Good going. I knew you could do it." - Agrippa congratulates Daniel in opening the doors in the Nave.
  • "Alexander is quite impressive in many ways. But he has grown impatient." - Agrippa may talk about Alexander at random.
  • "Who, me? I am Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. I was once quite important, you know. Baron Alexander has sustained my soul in this dead husk for years. Who knows how many... hundreds I presume. Why me? I'm the next best thing. Alexander really wanted none other than Johann Weyer. You never heard of Johann Weyer?! My God, boy! He is probably the greatest man in history and you don’t know him?! Or is it the world who has forgotten him? Weyer was my pupil – my pupil. Yes, I do take pride in that fact. Is it so wrong?" - Agrippa elaborates on why Alexander is keeping him alive and his pupil, Johann Weyer.
  • "I found a Mithraeum once. One which had not been plundered. Do you know of Mithraism? I suppose it doesn't matter. It's an old faith building temples out of caverns. The dark walls being the universe and inside are its followers... humans watching the sky slowly turn. But the followers do have one thing to allow them a sense of connection to creation... the Orbs. Not many orbs are left. They sometimes consume themselves or break when used by an uninitiated. I was lucky. The Orb I found spared my life and returned to where I had found it. I know, because Alexander took it and brought it to Brennenburg." - Agrippa explains a little about the temple caverns, or "Mithraea" and the Orbs and how he came into contact with them.
  • "Weyer was a brave man and dared to proceed where I did not. He unearthed a number of cavern temples and gathered a whole collection of Orbs. But unlike every other finder since the fall of the Mithraic faith, he was able to unshackle the horror you and I connect with the Orbs. He used them and was able to travel far and wide. Beyond the world itself." - Agrippa tells Daniel how Weyer excelled him in the dangerous study of the orbs and left the world behind without incurring the Shadow's wrath.
  • "My pupil, Johann Weyer, said he had found a way to take me with him beyond the stars. But I was too afraid to come along. Silly really... and now all I can do is regret it. I always hoped Weyer would return and give me a second chance. But so does Alexander, that's why he keeps me a hostage in hope Weyer will reveal himself." - Agrippa mentions how Weyer wanted him to accompany him in journeying beyond the stars, but he declined out of fear, and now Alexander imprisons him hoping to ensnare Weyer.
  • "Me, powerful? Not the way I had hoped for. I have done all that I can to escape this prison, but now I use all my strength merely to stay alive." - Agrippa laments on his current state, the shell of his former self.
  • "Daniel, good to see you... Was there something else...? Ah, you again... How are things coming...?" - Agrippa greets Daniel as he arrives in the Nave looking for the Orb pieces and Tonic ingredients.
  • "You should hurry, Daniel. No time for sitting around. You are a good boy, Daniel, and I appreciate your company, but I believe you have more important things to take care of. Make haste. You are more than ready to make the tonic. Go on, you should find everything you need in the laboratory. What are you doing? Time is running short. Hurry, you'll find everything you need in the laboratory." - Agrippa urges Daniel to hurry if he idles in the Nave for too long, becoming frantic as the Shadow consumes it while closing in on Daniel.
  • "I see you have found some orb pieces, but there should be more. Alexander would most likely keep them close to torture contraptions. Check the Choir and Transept for more." - Agrippa explaining there are more orb shards to be found.
  • "You seem to have found all the orb pieces used in the Transept. Go to the Choir and find the rest. Looks like you cleaned out the Choir. Head for the Transept and find the rest of the orb pieces." - Agrippa commenting on Daniel recovering all the Orb Shards in either the Transept or the Choir first, depending on which area he found them all first in.
  • "Incredible – you found Weyer's recipe. Then there still might be a chance. Listen carefully. Alexander is working on opening a gate – a door to another world. It is where he wants to go. If you could put your anger aside, let him open the portal before you take your revenge. Let me pass the gate, Daniel. Please, find the ingredients and prepare the tonic Weyer describes. And do so before you assemble the orb. The barrier keeping you from the inner sanctum will only be breached for a short time. Unless everything is taken care of before you won’t be able to save me." - Daniel shows Weyer's recipe to Agrippa who begs Daniel to save his life first rather than avenge the fallen innocents or Daniel's fallen former-self.
  • "I see you have all the orb pieces you need. I know I have no right to ask anything of you. But if you could find it in your heart to gather the ingredients for Weyer's tonic before attempting to mend the orb, there might still be a chance for you to save me. Please, my fate is in your hands." - When Daniel shows Agrippa he has found all six Orb pieces.
  • "Daniel! I thought I had lost you. The castle trembled and I could hear the Chancel collapse... The laboratory might be accessible now." - Agrippa relieved that Daniel has escaped the Shadow for now.
  • "You have everything. What are you waiting for? Head towards the Chancel and find a way into the laboratory. Inside, you should be able to produce the tonic Weyer talked about." - Agrippa urging Daniel to produce the tonic in the laboratory.
  • "Don't get ahead of yourself. First we need the tonic." - If Daniel tries to saw off Agrippa's head before giving him the Tonic.
  • "You did it. Thank goodness! Now, pay attention. First feed me the tonic and then use the saw to remove my head. As the tonic begins to work you will be able to cut off my head without taking my life. Then take my head and bring it with you as you enter the gate Alexander is opening in the Inner Sanctum." - Daniel presents the completed Tonic to Agrippa who instructs what to do next.
  • "What do you mean? Why wouldn't you enter the gate? We can't argue now - you need to act." - Daniel is hesitant to go near the portal, Agrippa persuades him to continue as time is running out for both of them.
  • "Quickly! Off with the head! And Daniel, whatever happens – get me through that gate." - After feeding the Tonic to Agrippa he instructs Daniel to saw off his head and send him through the portal before Alexander.
  • "There he is. Do you see him, Weyer? He deserves so much more. Please help him, I know you can. Don't worry, Daniel. It will be alright." - If Daniel chooses to save Agrippa, the Shadow consumes him for abusing the power of the orb. Daniel seems to awaken in some kind of 'limbo-state'. He only hears Agrippa's voice in the darkness, pleading with Weyer to save you from wherever this is. It appears Weyer agrees, and Agrippa informs you everything will be fine.

Amnesia: JustineEdit

Mademoiselle Justine FlorbelleEdit

  • "This... this was the best one yet. So elaborate - it's just... too much." – After regaining consciousness, her memories and personality in the Cabinet of Perturbation.
  • "Enough of this. Get up Justine." – The excitement wearing off she comes to her senses and stands up.
  • "Such intricate machinery. I can't for the life of me understand why he built this." – After inspecting the wall-crusher mechanism that apparently her father constructed.
  • "That's me... isn't it? All covered in chains." – If Justine inspects the body hanging upside down in the final chamber.
  • "Such light was never meant for me."-If Justine looks at the light shining down from the roof, In the final chamber.
  • "It's already locked, but you can never be too certain" – Bolting the door to her Cabinet shut, regardless of whether it is the suitors or the hostages on the other side.
  • "They can't hurt me anymore" – Justine commenting on the men banging on the locked and bolted door, regardless of whether it is the suitors or the hostages.
  • "It's alright. No one will be coming through that door. It's locked and bolted." - When Justine inspects the locked door.
  • "Don't want any of the guests coming in here." – When Justine closes the second door to the basement after her.
  • "I really should keep this door locked." – If Justine inspects the second door leading into the basement or forgets to close it shut.

Justine and Clarice talkEdit

As Justine walks back upstairs, Clarice, Justine's childhood friend, and housemaid call to her from the kitchen:

Clarice - "Mademoiselle Justine, are you down there? Is everything all right?"

Justine - "Of course, Clarice, I'm quite all right."

Justine - "Is everything ready for tonight?"

Clarice - "Yes. The goose is ready any minute now, the guests should be arriving within the hour."

(Spoken if Justine has not recovered all the Shipment Slip from the basement) :

Clarice - "Did I hear voices from downstairs?"

Justine - "I certainly hope not."

Clarice - "Oops. Silly me."

Justine - "Yes, silly Clarice."

(Spoken if Justine has managed to recover the Shipment Slip from her basement) :

Justine - "Clarice, I know it's a busy day, but make sure to post this letter for me, ok?"

Clarice - "Certainly, Mademoiselle Justine. Urgent, is it?"

Justine - "Not really. It's already years late. I just thought they should know... I'm still alive."

Dr. Victor FournierEdit

  • "Whoever you are, if you could help me, I would be much obliged."
  • "Help me, please, help me."
  • "How did you escape?"
  • "Have you seen Justine?"
  • "Can you hear me? It's not too late to set things right."
  • "Anyone there?" - Spoken randomly when Justine first enters the dungeon as the Doctor who is bound up with a sack over his head does not realise the person whom he is addressing is actually his captor.
  • "Please! Please, be reasonable. You don't have to do this." - The kind doctor panics as Justine pulls the lever outside his cell, lowering a huge impaler toward him.
  • "Argh! Why? I was just trying to help." - If Justine repeatedly pulls the lever, Dr. Fournier cries out as the impaler pierces right through his chest and kills him.
  • "Well, done child." - The doctor congratulates Justine if she has saved him.

Father DavidEdit

  • "Who are you?! Who's there?" - David hears Justine outside his cell where he is being held in the Library, but because he is bound by chains somewhere in there he cannot see her.
  • "You'll burn for this - you'll burn for this!" - The priest begins to make hell-threats when he realises it must be Justine standing outside his cell.
  • "Sick, twisted child." - Father David expresses his disgust and contempt for the aristocrat.
  • "...argh! Have mercy..." - Cried out when Justine pulls the lever once and an unknown device crush or impales the priest.
  • "...the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ...and his kingdom shall reign forever..." - David randomly recites part of Revelation 11:15.
  • "...argh...the trumpet...shall sound...argh." - David screams in agony when Justine repeatedly pulls the lever, or slots in the wrong slides, resulting in his death by some unseen device.
  • "Look out for Justine, that demon, she may still be close." - When Justine slots in the correct slides thus triggering a mechanism that releases David from his chains and opens an unseen door somewhere in the Cell. David warns his savior about Justine, not realising it is her.
  • "God be praised. You have saved us child. Open the door." - The priest congratulates Justine, unaware it is her, if she has chosen to save him.

Inspector MarotEdit

  • "You there, help me, and I'll call on my men to save us from this hellhole."
  • "Hey, can anyone hear me?" - The inspector, bound and face-covered hears Justine enter the flooded chamber outside his holding cell.
  • "What's going on out there? I'm Detective Marot of the Sûreté Nationale and I demand to know what's going on!" - The policeman cries out in alarm when he hears Malo smashing down the door outside.
  • "Do you think this is funny, you think this is funny, don't you?!" - Marot cries out when Justine stands idle or abandons him.
  • "What are you doing, no God! ...argh." - When Justine makes her escape pulling the final lever down behind her, Marot screams as the insane Malo attacks and murders him.
  • "Hey, you? We are almost free, come on, get us out of here." - Spoken if Justine chooses to save the policeman who calls out to their "rescuer" from behind the locked door to be released with the other hostages.

Amnesia: A Machine for PigsEdit

Edwin and Enoch MandusEdit

  • "Daddy, Daddy, find us." - Spoken right after leaving Oswald's bedroom.
  • "There's a bad man coming." - Spoken when ascending the ladder to the attic.
  • "We're hiding, Daddy." - Spoken when following the children further into the attic.
  • "This way, Papa. Come and see!" - Spoken when going down the stairs in Mansion part 2.
  • "Come and see, Papa. We found an egg, a stone egg!" - Spoken near the entrance to the Cellar.
  • "Come on slow coach. It's this way." - Spoken when entering the Cellar.
  • "Follow us, Papa, we know the way." - Spoken while walking further into the Cellar.
  • "I've told you he'd come." - Spoken when approaching the first Decontamination Chamber.
  • "Listen Papa, hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!" - Spoken when walking in the Church's basements.
  • "Down here Daddy. Faster, Faster!" - Spoken when descending the stairs leading to the Factory Sewers.
  • "That's it Papa! You're so near now!" - Spoken as you approach the Decontamination Chamber in the Sewers.
  • "He's here! He's here!" - Spoken as you make your way into the Bilge pumps.
  • "Daddy! Daddy!" - Shouted when Oswald is reactivating The Machine.
  • "Daddy." - Whispered as Oswald entered the Temple after passing the conveyor belt.

Oswald MandusEdit

  • "Oh dear God. Dear Christ. What is this place?" - Spoken upon leaving the elevator and seeing the Reactor.
  • "Where are my children?! You promised me my children!" - Spoken after reactivating the Reactor.
  • "Boys. Boys. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." - Spoken after activating the Reactor.
  • "Where are they? Where are my children?" - Spoken when entering Pressure Regulation in the Engine rooms.
  • "I want my children you unholy bastard!" - Spoken after sabotaging the Pressure Regulation system.
  • "When did I say that? That is not me! That is not me!" - Spoken after the second flashback in the Engine rooms.
  • "I will stop you. I will save them." - Spoken when near the exit elevator in the Engine rooms.
  • "Oh no. Oh God no. What have I done?!" Spoken after seeing the Manpigs scour through the city.
  • "No. This is not what I meant! This is not what I meant at all!" - Spoken after the Machine talks to Mandus.
  • "Beast! Creature! Where are my children?! Where are my children?!" - Spoken near the end of the streets level.
  • "I know you machine. I know what you fear. I will rain excrement into your very soul. I will destroy you" - Spoken after sabotaging the Pigline central controls.
  • "But why did you take my children?" - Spoken after entering the Orgone Distribution area.
  • "Then I am damned for a filicide, and everything is lost." - Spoken after the Machine explains why his children were taken.
  • "Only to save you. Only to spare you. I would have given my soul to spare you this world and it's loam." - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "Oh my children. My children. What have I done? What have I become?" - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "I will put it right my darlings. All of my wrongs will be righted. All of my sins washed clean" - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "I love you my darlings and I am sorry. I am sorry for all I have done. I simply loved you all too much for this world." - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "I have you now creature. I will destroy you." - Spoken after activating the glass Armonicas in the Tesla tower.
  • "It is over! It is time to end this madness!" - Spoken after activating the glass Armonicas in the Tesla tower.
  • "Do not speak of my children. Monster." - Spoken after the Machine tries to persuade Mandus into giving up his quest.
  • "I lay there, and watched the god I had created die. At the end when we were cold as the stone we had hewn his body from. When the lights were nearly all extinguished, we heard in the silent distance, the Manpigs singing to one another. Then, as the last lights were gone, and we lay together in the deep, they drifted away, and all was silent. Such a silence, I have never known. And as the dust settled on my open eyes and we lay together embraced forever, I heard miles above us, the sounds of the city turning over in its sleep. A church bell ringing out. And in that moment, the new century was born." - Spoken after fully deactivating the Machine.

The MachineEdit

  • "And you came then to London and you set me upon a mantelpiece and then you went into the house and gathered the servants and we set, you and I, on re-crafting them and then you went into the garden and buried those tiny shattered skulls. Alone." - Spoken when descending the stairs in the Reactor level.
  • "For your children Mandus, to spare them the world you have created. For us all." - Spoken when descending the stairs in the Reactor level.
  • "Quickly, quickly the air is thin. Their little faces turn blue Mandus. They suffocate! They suffocate!" - Spoken when near the rods in the Reactor control room.
  • "Now Mandus. Set them free. Set them all free!" - Spoken before touching the activation lever.
  • "I live! I breathe again! I rise, I will rise to bleach the sky and still the water! I will spin the world wheel and set the future upon the path of redemption!" - Spoken after the Reactor has been reactivated.
  • "My time is come! More pig! More pig!" - Spoken after the Machine has been reactivated.
  • "Why do you ask Mandus? You know the answer well enough." - Spoken when entering Pressure Regulation in the Engine rooms.
  • "What are you doing little piggy? Do you think I will allow you to sabotage me again?" - Spoken after sabotaging the Pressure Regulation system.
  • "This is your doing, Mandus, this is what you dreamt into being." - Spoken when near the exit elevator in the Engine rooms.
  • "You are too late. It begins. My work has begun. Kill them, my piggies, kill them all!" - Spoken when near the exit elevator in the Engine rooms.
  • "Mandus! I know you are out here! I own this city, I am this city!" - Spoken when moving through the streets.
  • "Redeem yourselves! Redemption is at hand! Enter the cleansing and set your souls free! For you are born into filth and will die as pigs. Only through my redemption can you ascend to the skies and claim the heavens as your kingdom. Fall on your knees! Ashes, ashes, bones and ashes. For the pile will reach critical and we can have such a burning that this city will shine as a beacon of redemption for the world!" - Spoken when moving through the streets.
  • "Do you hear me Mandus? This is what you planned! This world is a machine! A Machine for Pigs! Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs! Whores, beggars, orphans, filthy degenerates. Pigs all. But I will purify the streets, cleanse this city, set the great industry free. I will clean the world, make it pure." - Spoken when moving through the streets.
  • "You are too late Mandus, my great works are almost begun." - Spoken during the Pigline after Mandus proclaims he will destroy the Machine.
  • "Hear me Mandus. My gears are adjust, my steam is built. Soon I will spill that blue water and split the egg, the atom, my soul and there will be a very great burning that we might make the world clean. Be proud for this is your doing. Until you steeped me in the blood of your own I was nothing but rotten architecture. You have made me and I will make the world anew."
  • "I, Mandus? Of all the blood we have spilt together. The first drops fell from your hands alone." - Spoken after Mandus asks why his children were taken.
  • "Mandus. Put aside your misguided crusade and let me save them. You may hate me Mandus, but I have seen the future, your twentieth century and let me tell you this: a far greater slaughter awaits you there. I seek to save the world by blood now, before millions fall beneath history, pushed under by blade, bullet and gas." - Spoken after entering the Electrogravitic Suppression tower.
  • "Stop him! Stop him! Kill him!" - Spoken after charging all the Armonicas in the Tesla tower.
  • "Mandus, listen to your heart, you know you are with me. You created me to save the world. I am your friend." - Spoken when entering the Temple.
  • "Mandus, please. I am no more evil than you. We sought the same thing, to save humanity, ridding them of their painful, stupid, pointless lives." - Spoken when progressing through the Temple.
  • "Mandus, stop. Think about what you are doing. For your children, Mandus." - Spoken when progressing through the Temple.
  • "I did not kill your children, Mandus. You sacrificed them on the temple steps knowing what the coming century would do to them. Your sons will drown, lungs full of mud and sharpnel, on the banks of the Somme. You wanted to save them from the horror to come. That is the vision we shared. Everything we have built to avert this coming nightmare. You and I are one. We are the same, our souls are entangled. We deserve to make them free!" - Spoken when progressing through the Temple, when Mandus tells the Machine to not speak of his children.
  • "I have stood knee deep in mud and bone and filled my lungs with mustard gas. I have seen two brothers fall. I have lain with holy wars and copulated with the autumnal fallout. I have dug trenches for the refugees; I have murdered dissidents where the ground never thaws and starved the masses into faith. A child's shadow burnt into the brickwork. A house of skulls in the jungle. The innocent, the innocent, Mandus, trod and bled and gassed and starved and beaten and murdered and enslaved. This is your coming century! They will eat them Mandus, they will make pigs of you all and they will bury their snouts into your ribs and they will eat your hearts!" - Spoken when ascending the stairs in the Temple.
  • "I am begging you. You made me. You are my Creator, my Father. You cannot destroy me!" - Spoken when Mandus arrives at the top of the Temple.
  • "Please Mandus no, for your children!" - Spoken when Mandus is about to sacrifice himself.

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