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The Prison entrance, right outside the Elevator.
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Reaching the next area.
Danger rating High risk
Map Prison - Southern Block (Corrected)
Southern Block

Amnesia map prison nb by hidethedecay-d422qpp
Northern Block
Location guide
Cistern Entrance
"One of my responsibilities as a baron is that of a prison warden. This is where criminals are locked up."
―Alexander telling Daniel about the prison.

The Prison is a section of Brennenburg Castle. It is divided into two blocks: Northern and Southern. This and its northern counterpart are arguably one of the most dangerous areas of the game, disregarding the Choir.



In the Prison, you should rely on your Lantern more than tinderboxes. It gives you advantages to hide in the dark from enemies.

The prison is where Alexander of Brennenburg kept his human victims before they were brought down to the torture rooms. It is a maze of hallways and jail cells, and is patrolled by Servant Grunts. Brutes will also make various appearances, but they will be purely cinematic. As with the Storage, the player should explore this section of the castle with extreme caution as the darkness, the labyrinthine disposition of the rooms, and especially the great number of enemy encounters make this location one of the most dangerous in the game.

It is inadvisable to conserve on lantern oil by lighting many torches, partly because The Shadow often blows out sources of light, wasting tinderboxes, but mostly due to the Gatherers. However, lantern oil may be found in various places in the Prison anyway. Trying to escape from a pursuing Grunt in these lit corridors is almost impossible and will likely result in Daniel being killed if you run into a dead-end. The best way to deal with Grunts, as in previous areas such as the Storage, is to keep one's ears open for a Grunt's growl, which are triggered by picking up certain objects or moving into certain areas, and immediately turn around and hide in a small room with the door closed and the lantern off. If you're spotted and cornered, duck past the Grunt and run somewhere else with the lantern off. Daniel can withstand a couple of hits from Grunts, and Laudanum can be taken if first aid is needed.

A Brute can be heard savagely beating a screaming man, suggesting that there are some prisoners still left, although this can be just another one of Daniel's hallucinations. It is believed that most of the people being held in the Prison cells had been taken away for torture or died of other causes long ago.

Southern BlockEdit

When Daniel is about halfway down the elevator it will break down. When he later wakes up he will find himself at the Prison's Southern Block, which is the fifteenth location visited in the game. A flashback in this area suggests Daniel refers to this place as a "Dungeon." Alexander lies and says one of his responsibilities as a baron, is that of a prison warden. It is known that the prisoners were not murderers, but innocents taken in to produce the right vitae for Alexander's ritual into the next dimension. Alexander appears to be stammering, or nervous as he quickly suggests that Daniel and he exit the corridors as soon as possible. After the flashback, Daniel will start searching the prison after clearing a cave-in in front of the door out of the elevator room. There are a few Servant Grunts roaming the area, so be cautious. Your objectives in the Southern Block are to find a hammer and a chipper, combine the two, and find some way to exit the Block, as all normal exits are locked. The Southern Block is comprised of Cell Area I (area cellūs I) and Cell Area II (area cellūs II).

Once you proceed up the short flight of stairs you'll have arguably one of the most dangerous encounters with a grunt who will appear at the top. You should hear the grunt growl when you're about halfway up the stairs, at which point you should turn around and scatter. You'll have seconds to run back and you may hear the terror music as you're chased because light is coming into the corridor from a hole in the ceiling as you flee. Be careful if you've lit too many torches in this area since the grunt will see and continue chasing you. Run back to the elevator room and hide or jump onto the lion statue if need be. Lie in wait until the grunt goes away, then go to the room northeast of the prison facing away from the elevator. If necessary, design one of the cells into a hiding place by using chairs, barrels, and the bed. Another possibility is to go partway up the stairs to get the grunt moving and then go down the hall immediately to the right to collect the hammer.

If you go back down the stairs where the first Servant Grunt appears, and you've done everything you were supposed to do, you'll hear a monster growl when you're half-way down. There's another grunt in the hallway before the stairs where you came from (the elevator room). The grunt won't see you if you run quickly to the dark cell to hide. The grunt will then just walk towards the door where a brute is seen savagely beating a man to the door when you get close enough. He will then disappear if you quietly walk away. If you remain in the cell with the candle, the Grunt won't disappear.

Once you enter the northeastern cell, there will be a flashback after which you must look under the bed. This was the cell where the murdered girl's mother was kept. There will be a hole there, which the girl had used to escape the Prison, and which you in turn must use now. Use the hammer and chipper on the hole to make it wider and thereby gain entrance to the tunnel which will take you to the Northern Block of the prison.

Tinderbox locations Edit

  • In a small cell at the end of a corridor to your right as you get to the stairs.
  • At the blocked off section of the corridor, just outside the cell mentioned above.
  • At the opposite corridor, where the Servant Brute can be seen from the other side of a locked door, there is a hidden tinderbox in the metal bucket of the cell to your left.
  • Take a right as soon as you've climbed up the stairs, and then another right as you get to the next junction. It sits on the floor at the caved in corridor.
  • In a small cell close to the one with the hidden hole under the bed.
  • Just outside of the barred gate where a Servant Brute can be seen as the gate is attempted to be opened.

Oil locations Edit

  • There is one container in a cell at the end of the corridor that's on your left when you get to the stairs. It's opposite the cell where you find the hammer.
  • An oil container sits on a chair in the main hallway.
  • In a cell close to the cell with the hidden hole under the bed.

Laudanum locations Edit

  • In a small dead-end blocked by rocks next to a tinderbox.

Northern BlockEdit

Once you have made it to the Northern Block of the prison, the game's sixteenth area, you will need two more items to get through a door that has a padlock in poor shape. Head towards the left after you get out of the hole in order to reach the storage (receptaculum) and collect a glass jar that you will use to hold the acid you will use to weaken the padlock. It's advisable you follow the signs here and head for 'storage' before going to the 'kitchen' as that minimizes the number of encounters with a Gatherer. The Northern Block is dangerously full of Grunts, but it also has lots of supplies for Daniel's quest. The Northern Block is comprised of Cell Area III (area cellūs III), Cell Area IV (area cellūs IV), the kitchen (culina), and the storage.

Be careful as there are roughly twice as many enemies in the area compared to the Southern Block; just keep an eye and an ear out for them. You don't have to worry about Brutes; they are mostly just visual encounters and the worst they'll do is drain your sanity so just stand still and wait for them to leave. A Grunt, on the other hand, will always growl right before wandering into your area. Don't panic if you hear them; just find a good, dark place to hide. You'll find a locked gate to the Cistern Entrance but ignore it for now as you can't weaken the padlock just yet. A dead body can be seen in one of the cells leading to the Storage. A Servant Grunt is lingering in one of the cells here. Before you reach the storage room there'll be a corridor with one door open and the other closed. The open cell is safe and has a diary entry in there. Do not open the closed door.

Go down the short steps into the lit room and take the glass jar. Be careful as the monster in that cell you passed by earlier will now come out, run straight back to storage and wait. When it's safe, you may enter the cell without fear of attack as the Grunt has left it. Now you have a glass jar and just need to fill it with acid. Proceed to the kitchen. Be wary, just before you grab the acid, you need to hide from the enemy that is just about to enter the room. Once it leaves, grab the acid with the glass jar and head back to the other side of the prison again. A Grunt may randomly spawn as you leave the kitchen so run back and hide if this happens. This is near the area where you found the glass jar, except you will not be going down that particular hallway to the door you need to get through. Instead, head down the other path that is there. Once you have found the door leading to the Cistern Entrance, use the acid on the padlock and then the hammer and chipper. After you break the lock, a Servant Grunt will spawn behind you and the terror music will start, so you must open the door quickly and head to the Cistern Entrance.

Tinderbox locations Edit

  • Two tinderboxes can be found in the kitchen.
  • In a cell in the most western part of the prison.
  • In another cell on the immediate opposite side of the one mentioned above.
  • In a cell found on your way to the storage.
  • In another cell on the immediate opposite side of the one mentioned above. Be careful though as it contains a grunt.
  • A whole four tinderboxes can be found in the storage room (The room with the glass jar).
  • At the gate to the Cistern Entrance.
  • At the end of the corridor that is to your right while standing at the gate to the Cistern Entrance.

Oil locations Edit

  • There is one oil container hidden in the kitchen.
  • In a tiny cell in the western part of the prison.
  • There is one container in the back of a cell you pass by on your way to the Storage. Be aware though, as a Grunt roams this cell.
  • One container can be found in a chest in the storage.

Laudanum locations Edit

  • In a corner of the kitchen.

Trivia Edit

  • Through a barred window you can see a lit spiral stairway leading down into the depths of the castle. This area is not to be confused with the Nave and is inaccessible.
  • If the player somehow gets killed by a grunt inside the tunnel you must crawl through to reach the Northern Block, the player will respawn in the tunnel, but the latter will be consumed by The Shadow.[citation needed]
  • If the player closes the padlocked door behind them after breaking the lock and watches the Grunt approach the door, it will despawn.[citation needed]
  • The two Brutes found in the Southern Block are both named "im_in_a_bad_mood" and "im_just_cute_and_happy".[citation needed]
  • One monster can be avoided simply by going to the Storage in the Northern Block and obtaining the glass jar before entering the Kitchen. 
  • If one were to enter the Kitchen at first objective in the Northern Block and simply be killed by a servant grunt, the player will respawn in the area behind the barred gate seen in the Southern Block where the brute could be seen walking by. As you walk forward, the sound of a grunt breaking down the door to your right can be heard and some sanity will be lost. 
  • The notes in the Northern block featuring Daniel's notes on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August are scattered, but not scripted to a certain note. For example, the game will trigger scripting for the notes to be read in order from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, no matter what note is picked up first. 
  • If one were to listen closely to the music that is played in the background of the first event encountered, which features of supposedly a brute savagely beating a man, they could hear that the theme for an attacking brute can be heard in the background.
  • If the player were to put one of the white plates inside the acid container, the plate will break and it's shards will become glitched and will start to randomly shake in the air. This is most likely a glitch due to the hitbox of the acid jar. The acid jar is specifically a static entity, as the plate's entity file has a breaking format. The remnants are noted as different entities, but still have the same hitbox as the plate itself as a whole, causing massive glitches.

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