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The first room of the Nave
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Find and assemble an orb to gain access to the Inner Sanctum (Primary)
Find the ingredients for and create Weyer's Tonic(Secondary)
Danger rating Safe
Map Amnesia map nave part i by hidethedecay-d4gnrba

Amnesia map nave part ii by hidethedecay-d4gsx8i
Location guide

The Nave is the the first area of the dungeons surrounding the Inner Sanctum, the game's twenty-second area and the fourth and final Hub level.

The Nave is the area where tinderboxes 113-123 are found, lantern oil container 29 is found, as well as laudanum potion 13 is found.


  • Next to the well as soon as you get to the Nave. (113)
  • In the small blocked-off corridor to the right of the well. (114)
  • In the room with the levers. (115)
  • Three tinderboxes can be found underneath the stairs. (116, 117 & 118)
  • In the bottom floor of the room with the door leading into the Chancel. (119)
  • In the south-eastern cell at the bottom floor of the room with the door leading into the Chancel. (120)
  • In the north-eastern cell at the top floor of the room with the door leading into the Chancel. (121)
  • In the small room you walk by on your way to the Choir Entrance, two tinderboxes can be found. (122 & 123)


  • One can be found beneath the hatch in the ceiling, close to Agrippa. (29)


The Nave - redux is the area of the Nave that has been consumed by The Shadow after the escape from the Cells. This is where tinderboxes 145-148 are found, lantern oil containers 36-38 are found, as well as the 16th and final laudanum potion is found.


  • In the room with the well you get to after you get out of the cells, next to the note. (145)
  • Next to the well where you exit the Sewer. (146)
  • In a corner in the laboratory. (147)
  • In the broken down wall to the room where you find the bone saw. (148)


  • On a table ahead of you as you exit the Cells. (36)
  • In the top left cell of the left wall of the chambers in the Nave. (37)
  • On the ground on the top floor of the right wall of the chambers in the Nave. (38)


  • In the small room next to Agrippa. (16)

Information Edit

The Nave is the section of the castle reached upon escaping the Sewers by ladder. The ladder breaks and falls apart during the ascent, making it impossible to go back down. It is in this area Daniel first encounters Agrippa, and learns what has to be done to gain entry to the Inner Sanctum.

Several other areas can be accessed from the Nave:

There is also a passageway leading to the Cells but Daniel cannot access it just yet. He will be locked up in this area later on after being ambushed by the Gatherers. When the Shadow chases him back to the Nave, the door will not budge thereafter.

The Nave itself has many rooms and items, and is by far the largest Hub. Some items only appear after Daniel has made progress in the other areas of the castle. The upper levels of the Nave feature a small laboratory and house the machinery that operates the large doors to the Transept and Choir in the lower areas. To reach the chamber where Agrippa is Daniel must descend a long, dark, winding spiral stairway. There are also many spiders to be found here when Daniel is low on sanity. It is inadvisable to light all the torches here even though Daniel has to venture back to open the doors, for it is a large area that would waste many tinderboxes, and the torches get completely destroyed by the Shadow later. Between Agrippa's chamber and the Chancel are a number of cells, presumably for holding prisoners before they were tortured in the other rooms.

Towards the end of the game, the Shadow overwhelms the Nave and causes many areas to collapse, however it also opens up a hidden area where a bone saw can be found to saw off Agrippa's head.


  • Asdasd

    Agrippa's Chamber.

    After the Shadow nearly takes over the Nave, the screen will slowly tilt left and right, as in the Rainy Halls.
  • There are two maps representing this area in total; The first you encounter is the map after the Sewers which shows the Nave in a particularly good condition, and the second map is the one you encounter after getting back from the Cells, the second map shows the Nave mostly ruined by the Shadow.
  • Investigating every prison cell in the Nave and leaving the doors open causes them to all suddenly close shut upon looking at the final room. The doors will then rupture as though being banged on while you hear people screaming. (confirm this is not just a cause of a single door.)
  • After coming back from the cells, in the Nave with the cells, there will be two bottles of Lantern Oil, one upstairs close to where you find the meat, and another one in one of the cells.

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