Daniel writing a memento at the beginning of the game, in Rainy Hall.

Throughout Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Daniel writes down Mementos, which can be found in his Journal. Usually, this happens when he runs into a blocked exit and notices an item that can be used to progress or when a new part of an area opens. Also, talking to Agrippa and reading certain notes produces mementos. Mementos are automatically managed, meaning they will disappear when Daniel completes the relevant task. When a memento appears a shining diary symbol will show in the down corner of the screen, and also a faint scratching — not clicking — sound effect will happen. Mementos act as hints and they can be accessed quickly by pressing "M".

List of MementosEdit

Rainy HallEdit

  • "Follow the liquid trail and find its source." - When Daniel wakes up in the Rainy Hall, at the moment you take control of him.

Entrance HallEdit

  • "Some sort of organic tissue blocks the path to the Refinery. Can it be dissolved?" - When examining the residue the shadow leaves behind blocking the path to the refinery.
  • "Find the key for the Wine Cellar." - When examining the locked door leading to the Wine Cellar.


  • "Must find a new way out of this area." - In the Archives, when inspecting the caved-in passage.
  • "The door leading to the Local History room is locked. Is there another entrance?" - When examining the locked main entrance to the Local History Room in the Archives.
  • "There is some sort of secret door mechanism in the local history room." - After the flashback in the Local History Room in the Archives.


  • "Evidence in the Laboratory has revealed that combining four chemicals can create a powerful acid." - After reading a note found in the Laboratory
  • "Chemical ingredients have been moved from the Laboratory to the Wine Cellar." - After reading a note found in the Laboratory.
  • "The stairs have collapsed. Find a way to climb back up." - When discovering the collapsed staircase hindering you from leaving the Laboratory.


  • "The door leading to the back room is blocked off. Find another way in." - When trying to open the blocked off door to the back room in the Refinery.
  • "The gate is too heavy. There must be an opening mechanism." - When trying to open the hatch in the back room in the Refinery with your bare hands.
  • "The rope won't pull the hatch open. Something must be clogging the pulley." - When trying to use the crank to open the hatch in the back room in the Refinery.

Archive TunnelsEdit

  • "Keep going. There must be a way out of this place." - When walking through the Archive Tunnels.

Back HallEdit

  • "Find a way to start the engine that powers the elevator." - When trying to ride the elevator in the Back Hall before fixing it.
  • "Find the key that unlocks the door leading to the Machine Room." - When trying to open the door leading to the machine room.


  • "The darkness in the Storage feels strange and unnatural." - Shortly after entering the Storage.
  • "The rubble from a cave-in is hindering further passage in the Storage. Find a way to get through." - When discovering the caved in passage in the Storage.

Guest RoomEdit

  • "The lock is broken. Find another way to open the closet door in the Guest Room." - When examining the closet door in the Guest Room.


  • "Find another way around the rubble in the Study." - When discovering the caved in passage in the Study.

Prison - Southern BlockEdit

  • "One of the locked prison cells has a weak lock." - When examining a weak lock on a door in the southern block of the prison.
  • "Search for another way around the barred gate." - When examining a barred gate leading to the Northern prison block.
  • "There is a hole in the ground in one of the cells, but it is too small to fit a man." - When examining the hole leading to the Northern prison block in one of the cells.
  • "Find an additional tool to widen the hole in the cell floor." - If you try to widen the hole in the prison cell's floor using only the hammer or the chipper, before combining the two.

Prison - Northern BlockEdit

  • "There is a barrel filled with acid in the kitchen." - When examining an acid-filled barrel in the prison kitchen.
  • "The gate leading out of this area is locked by a worn padlock." - When examining the gate leading out of the Prison to the Cistern Entrance.

Cistern EntranceEdit

  • "To enter the Sewer, it must first be drained." - When trying to enter the flooded sewer before it has been drained.
  • "Find a vaccine to safely traverse the Sewers." - When trying to enter the sewers before you have been injected with a vaccine.
  • "Repair the machine powering the eastern bridge." - When attempting to pull the levers in the Cistern Entrance.

Control RoomEdit

  • "Set the chained weights, all part of the bridge machinery, in the right positions." - In the Control Room, when investigating the weights hanging from the ceiling.
  • "A large piston is connected to the bridge machinery somehow. Adjust the four levers so it levels correctly." - When investigating the large piston in the Control Room.
  • "There are spare metal pipes scattered in the Machine Room." - When investigating the pipes scattered in the Control Room.
  • "Use the holes in the wall for routing the steam correctly. Otherwise the bridge machinery will not work." - When investigating the place in the far back of the Control Room where the pipes are supposed to be placed.


  • "There are valves in the Cistern to redirect water from the Sewer." - When examining the valves in the cistern.
  • "A bridge must be lowered to proceed." - When discovering the bridge hindering further passage in the Cistern.


  • "A corpse in the Morgue is only a day old." - When examining the corpse lying on a table in the Morgue.
  • "The fine copper tube found in the Morgue looks like a part of a surgical tool." - After picking up the copper tube in the Morgue.


  • "A spinning water wheel is blocking the path." - When examining the spinning water wheel in the Sewer.
  • "One pipe is loose and leaking water." - When examining a loose pipe in the Sewer.
  • "To jam the wheel, it must first be slowed down." - When trying to jam the wheel with the pipe before slowing it down first.
  • "The two levers control the noisy machine." - When examining the levers controlling the spinning water wheel in the Sewer.
  • "One of the barred gates appears to be weaker than the rest." - Examining a gate in the Sewer.
  • "A barred gate was torn down by that creature." - After exiting the room with the killed Servant Grunt, and the Brute tears down the gate leading further into the Sewer.


  • "One note speaks of a mixture made with three ingredients." - When finding a note in the Nave on how to make the potion that lets you bring Agrippa with you.
  • "An orb is needed to enter the Inner Sanctum. Its shattered pieces lie scattered in the torture rooms." - When talking to Agrippa.
  • "The remaining orb pieces can be found in the Choir." - If all orb pieces in the Transept has been found, Agrippa will tell you to go to the Choir to find the rest.
  • "The remaining orb pieces can be found in the Transept." - If all orb pieces in the Choir has been found, Agrippa will tell you to go to the Transept to find the rest.
  • "Agrippa, the dying man, wants a specific tonic made to save him." - When Agrippa speaks to you about the tonic that Weyer made, which lets you saw Agrippa's head off without killing him.
  • "A heavy door is blocking the path." - When examining either the door leading to the Choir, or the door leading to the Transept, before they have been opened.
  • "Two levers on the top floor are not working. It is probably some problem with the machinery." - When examining the levers on the top floor of the Nave.
  • "Agrippa, the dying man, seeks a note written by a man named Johann Weyer." - Agrippa tells you about the note written by a Johann Weyer.
  • "Agrippa wants to have his head sawn off." - After giving the tonic to Agrippa.


  • "The pedestal in the Chancel has a depression in it that could fit an orb." - When examining the depression in the Chancel, which is made to fit the orb.
  • "The pedestal is perfect for assembling the orb, but some adhesive is necessary to make the pieces stick together" - When trying to assemble the orb before applying the tar to the pedestal.
  • "A mystic barrier blocks a passage in the Chancel." - When Daniel tries to walk pass the barrier to the Inner Sanctum.
  • "The orb does not by itself remove the barrier. Something must be done with the machinery." - After the orb has been assembled, and you realise the magical barrier does not vanish.


  • "Find something to help lower the glass jar into the blood in the Transept torture room." - When examining the blood in the drainage pipe in the transept torture room.


  • "The cell door is locked. Find another way out." - When trying to open the cell door after being captured by the grunts.
  • "Find a key to open the door leading out of the area." - When trying to open the door leading out of the cell area.


  • The use of the term "Mementos" by the game is not actually a malapropism. While "Memos" or (more archaically) "Memoranda" would seem more correct given the current usage of Memento to mean "an item one keeps as a token of remembrance of visiting an area", that is a fairly recent development. In the nineteenth century, either "Memento" or "Memorandum" could be used correctly to refer to one of Daniel's little reminder notes.