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The room in the Library containing the priest. His dialogue can be seen in subtitles.
Game Amnesia: Justine
Location Cabinet of Perturbation
Objective Reach the next area, either by killing or saving the prisoner.
Danger rating High risk
Map Justine map library by hidethedecay-d5gshyd
Location guide

The Library is the second area in the Cabinet of Perturbation, found in Amnesia: Justine. Basile and the second hostage, Father David, can be found here.


The library contains a main room with five side chambers, one in which is the area's hostage, Father David. The fifth room, which is opposite the area's entrance, contains a projector. Four slides and numerous notes are found in this area, along with a boarded-up door which apparently conceals a Suitor (likely Basile). The room containing the hostage also features pictures of Justine and her parents.

The puzzle in this room involves using the four slides with the projector and "Puzzle Lock" to open a hidden passage. Failing to do so will result in Father David being ripped apart.

After completing the puzzle, the player will descend into a dark underground room where he or she will encounter Basile. The dungeon and tunnels are accessed from the library, though the door to the tunnels is jammed.

Each slide found in each room has a different picture of a man: the one with open arms, the one who's kneeling, the one with the sword, and the one being blessed.

Locations of Justine
Cabinet of Perturbation CellsLibraryDungeonCrypt
Other Locations Florbelle Estate

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