Jacob is a character from the Amnesia story Remember who has interactions with some of the characters inside the story. Jacob was the young innkeeper at the Der Mühle inn at the city of Altstadt outside of Brennenburg. He was the friend of Elise (who is possibly the little girl who escaped), and of Gabriel (the outrider mentioned in the prison cell flashback in Amnesia).

In the short story Waiting for the Rain from Remember, he was there burying an apple next to his deceased mother's grave. When Elise came over to tell him she wanted to run away, and that she wanted him to come along, he half heartedly agreed. As she attempted to do so, a mysterious carriage appeared which may or may not have belonged to Alexander.

Jacob was also in the short story The Outrider from Remember. He was there when Daniel was on his way to the castle. He met the two on their stop in Altstadt but was pulled away being told he had to do his job. After cleaning the stables, he sat outside trying to get the cat to come to him. Gabriel, surprised Jacob was up so late, decided to give him an apple and went on about his watch when something odd happened. They witnessed a figure in a cloak abducting a cat. After Jacob questioned the hooded figure, and Gabriel demanded the creature to cease whatever it was doing, the figure struck Jacob and ran into the forest. This creature later revealed the characteristics of the Servant Grunt.  

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