Amnesia wikia Fortifying Main picture

Daniel barricading a door with crates

Fortifying is an elaborate method of hiding. It involves finding a room with a door opening outwards, and then stockpiling crates and other objects in front of it so as to impede the gatherer's advance. Depending on the door you are hiding behind, Servants can destroy it in 7-10 seconds, while Brutes can destroy it in about 3-5 seconds.


When you think that a gatherer has entered the area, you may choose to either: follow these steps or hide.

  1. Look for a room with ideally one door
  2. Check to see if the door opens outwards
  3. Enter room and close door behind you
  4. Take note of the items in the room and choose which will be best for barricading the door
  5. Place objects in front of door
  6. Find a place in the room to hide

Methods of fortifying:Edit

The most common way to fortify your position is to block the doorway with crates. As these are the most abundant "large" objects in the game, they are most frequently used. There are, however, many other methods and objects with which to fortify the room you are in.

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