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Entrance Hall
Entrance hall
The Entrance Hall seen from the upper floor.
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Clear the way to the Refinery.
Danger rating Safe.
Map Amnesia map entrance hall by hidethedecay-d3yr2w4
Location guide
Old Archives

The Entrance Hall, as the name suggests, is Castle Brennenburg's main entrance, and is accessed from the Old Archives. It is the third location visited and the first Hub level found in the game. Daniel's main objective here is to gain access to the Refinery by destroying a wall of fleshy residue blocking the entrance to it, in order to move further into the bowels of the castle and ultimately reach the Inner Sanctum.

The Entrance Hall is the area where tinderboxes 11-14 are found, as well as lantern oil containers 2 and 3 are found.


  • In the short hallway leading down to the castle entrance, two tinderboxes can be found. (11 & 12)
  • On the upper level on the floor, next to a section of the castle blocked off by rocks. (13)
  • On the staircase to the right as you walk up to the door leading to the Archives. (14)


  • An oil can be found in a chest in the corridor leading to the entrance door. (2)
  • Another oil container can be found further down the corridor, closer to the door. (3)


The Entrance Hall is a large area consisting of a long hallway leading from the main gate, and a large open area with a staircase leading downwards to the Refinery, and another staircase leading to a second floor from where the Archives can be reached. The area is in a partial ruin when the game takes place. Some pillars and a staircase have collapsed, there's a hole in the ceiling and some doors are mysteriously boarded up, most likely by Alexander's servants who were reinforcing weaker structures that the Shadow threatened to collapse.[1]

The Shadow covers the main entrance gate to the castle in its residue if the player interacts with the large door (yet again making an escape attempt impossible), as well as the path to the Refinery. The player will have to prepare a corrosive liquid in the Laboratory and use it to dissolve the organic matter to gain access to the Refinery. The solution has no effect on the Shadow's residue on the entrance gate.

From the Entrance Hall you can gain access to several other locations:

The Shadow gradually consumes this area as Daniel makes progress. This starts to happen when he leaves the Archives after obtaining the Wine Cellar key, and then happens again after having gathered all the ingredients in the Wine Cellar and when the acid is finally created in the Laboratory. The cosmic force roars angrily and the corridors leading to these three areas are engulfed in its fleshy matter, making avoiding injury difficult.

This is also the very first place where the player encounters a flashback. It is triggered not long after entering the area and in it, Daniel and Alexander can be heard discussing the location of the Inner Sanctum.


  • Amnesia Entrance Hall

    The Entrance Hall seen from the main gate

    When going up the stairs for the first time, Daniel will instinctively turn around as he hears a female voice crying  "No! Get away from me!". The voice is identical to the voice of the girl who Daniel stabbed to death in the Storage. If Daniel decides not to go up the stairs, and enters the Laboratory instead and writes the memento for the needed chemicals, along with the chemistry pot, the same voice will be heard once Daniel re-enters the Entrance Hall.
  • When Daniel interacts with the entrance gate of the castle, he will lose some sanity as the fleshy residue the Shadow leaves behind appears. This is also the gate which Daniel leaves through in the "Revenge Ending".
  • Through the use of a glitch which abuses the games system for saving and loading, the Refinery can be reached without destroying the residue. This trick is used frequently by speedrunners. However if you are going to use this glitch, it is recommended that you enter the laboratory first and take the chemistry pot first, as you will be using it further in the game.


Entrance Hall02:12

Entrance Hall

Developer CommentaryEdit

  • A whole three microphones can be found in the vast room leading to the Refinery.

Marc Nicander: Introduction

Marc Nicander: Introduction (Click for audio)

"Hello. My name is Marc Nicander, I'm a 3D artist and level creator of Frictional Games."

"I started out as a helper, during Penumbra: Overture, and was finally hired as full-time artist in a later part of Penumbra: Black Plague."

Marc Nicander: Entrance Hall

Marc Nicander: Entrance Hall (Click for audio)

"The Entrance Hall was first shown in our first game play trailer. While layout hasn't changed, the detail certainly has."

"We build our levels in sets of pieces, in this case, the custom base set."

"While carefully planned set bases made the level builder mirror easy, the levels became very similar, and we had to make special pieces for the levels."

"Now, a year and a half later, the special piece maker but halved the pieces in custom base set. We made changes to incorporate these changes into the earlier levels. An example of this can be seen if compare the hole in the roof now with the one from first trailer."

"A new roof was made in the middle of the project. We built level 9: Back Hall. A special version was made to give the roof hole in the Entrance Hall more depth and detail."

Luis Rodero: Know your latin

Luis RoderoL Know your latin (Click for audio)

"Scattered throughout the game, you can see some signs written in Latin. The reason for using it, is that it was considered a language of culture and science."

"As most scientific and philosophy authors wrote their work, and treaties in it."

"As we are dealing with a castle dwelled by a pretty smart guy that has been around since the renaissance period, Latin all around the place was something we should expect."

"Being the only guy on the team that had direct contact with Latin, in highschool, to we mark this game with. Well, it was kind of logical that any translation to be done will have my name on it."

"Translating stuff into Latin was kind of strange and fantast- at first, I have a classic Latin dictionary, so if I had to translate any modern term, I will have to track it down to the Latin equivalent, or look for a sign or name or similar expression that have a direct translation."

"They may have the lack to come across some dictionary for modern stuff online. <Inaudible> most of this stuff, for a huge lot of terms, so it couldn't have come at a better time."

"Some days, I will have nine or so entries to be translated."

"And before finding this dictionary, it was quite a lot of work. On a side note, we even had a chooser letting pull on a couple entries, just to pick the one that sounded better for everyone."

"Results were pretty unanimous by the way. For some final work on this, I must confess that, I was pretty good at this in high school. That was like fifteen years ago, so right now, I am not one hundred percent sure translations are correct at all. When I took the time to make them, I was at least plausible. My apologies going in advance to any Latin guru up there playing the game as I myself, get on the verge of losing my temper when I see stuff like this."

  • Another microphone explaining the level editor can be found on the second floor, near the room that has collapsed underneath The Shadow.

Luis Rodero: A whole new toolset

Luis Rodero: A whole new toolset (Click for audio)

"If you haven't followed our development block back when we started, you might have missed one of the biggest changes in our production pipeline. Two years back, we started a two set side project to ease up and speed the content creation for the game."

"I'd say the Level Editor which is what we are most specifically gens mark miracles, used to build all the halls and corridors you are working through right now."

"It is the big start of the pack. Its workings in a nutshell, while all the mods are actually made in software like blender. Everything geometry-wise in the levels is put together in it."

"Then lighting-wise, details, decals and fog are added in. While this approached my thoughts simple, really nice stuff can come out for me, as you can see in the game."

  • A last microphone can be found near the entrance to the Refinery, right next to the tissue that needs to be dissolved.

Thomas Grip: Hubs

Thomas Grip: Hubs (Click for audio)

"This is one of the many hub levels in the game. And this is the sound concept we started out with Penumbra."

"The idea is to give the player some freedom where to go, but at the same time give some clear objective."

"In this level, the slime obstacle is the thing that the player needs to get past, and all other levels have things needed to do so."

"The slime itself is one of the few puzzles left from the initial designs, and the one I'm probably the least proud of."

"Now that slime appears all around, it feels a bit forced that you need to have a potion on the slime."

"Many testers also complained that they wanted options of getting rid of the slime like burning it. However, creating a potion was the setting for this hub so we had to let it be."

"I don't think it's that bad, but we probably could have redesigned it if we had time."

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  1. In-game notes, diary entries, and flashbacks

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