Enoch Mandus is the youngest son of Oswald and Lily Mandus. He is the younger twin, and his older brother is Edwin. It is unknown if the children seen in game are their ghosts or simply a hallucination, since they are already killed before the events of the game.


Born in 1890, he was the younger twin, with Edwin being his older brother. It was during his birth that Lilibeth died, though it was the twins' labor that killed her. She lived long enough to see his older brother, but not him.

His father, Oswald Mandus, promised his mother upon her deathbed he would take care of them both. Oswald was indeed a very loving and devoted father, indeed he confessed that he loved his children far too much. He'd do anything to protect them, and would lie, cheat, steal and even kill for them.

His father specifically ordered the servants to set their bedroom up in the attic, in-between his bedroom and his office, ensuring he would always spend time with them on his way to work no matter how busy he was. They often played hide and seek in the attic.

They often played in the cellar, something which their father was anxious about and told them repeatedly to stay out of. One time Edwin was splashed with chemicals, and Oswald scolded Enoch, telling him to "look to his brother" for what could have happened to him as well.

He and his brother were very loving and compassionate individuals, they often helped the mansion staff to keep their father's home and estate clean. They shared a love for all living things, as they once found an injured bird and wanted to nurse it back to health, but their Nanny regarded it as a diseased filthy thing, and killed it. They wanted to stay up past when everyone else were asleep just so they could bury the body in the garden.

Then their father faced financial ruin for investing too heavily in new machines. They didn't quite understand the implications and that they'd lose their own home, but loved their father dearly enough to never disturb him working, even if it meant never seeing him once for days on end.

Due to the financial troubles, Oswald Mandus began to look through his great uncle's paperwork and found locations of the various orbs, spurring him to make an expedition to Mexico in order to investigate and taking the twins along with him.

Edwin and Enoch found the orb first, calling it a "stone egg", which Oswald referred it to right afterwards, until he realized what it actually was some time later. Upon touching it, their father saw what doom Enoch and his older brother would face. So they were sacrificed on the temple steps to spare them this harsh reality and Mandus took their skulls with him to London to bury in the garden.


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