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Choir Entrance
Daniel's flashback.
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Reach the Choir.
Danger rating Safe
Map Amnesia map choir entrance by hidethedecay-d4n5tpx
Location guide
Choir - Main Hall
"Paint the man, cut the lines. Paint the man, cut the lines!"
―Dianel's diary

The Choir Entrance connects the Nave to the rest of the Choir.


The Choir Entrance is a short hall consisting of a staircase and one room on either side. In the room to the right a torture device and some supplies can be found. The room on the left contains a journal entry that will trigger an interactive flashback where Daniel brutally kills a prisoner by tracing lines painted on his chest with a curved dagger. At low sanity, bodies will appear to hang from the ceiling in the corridor.

Tinderbox locations Edit

  • Two tinderboxes can be found in the room to your immediate right as you enter the Choir Entrance.


  • Experiencing the flashback will leave the player with very low sanity after it ends, which may make exploring the Choir Main Hall become more dangerous in low sanity.

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