Choir Entrance
Daniel's flashback.
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Reach the Choir.
Danger rating Safe
Map Amnesia map choir entrance by hidethedecay-d4n5tpx
Location guide
Choir - Main Hall
"Paint the man, cut the lines. Paint the man, cut the lines!"
― Daniel's diary

The Choir Entrance connects the Nave to the rest of the Choir. It is technically a separate small location from the Choir's main hall.


The Choir Entrance is a short hall consisting of a staircase and one room on either side. In the room to the right a torture device and some supplies can be found. The room on the left contains a journal entry that will trigger an interactive flashback where Daniel brutally kills a prisoner by tracing lines painted on his chest with a curved dagger. At low sanity, bodies will appear to hang from the ceiling in the corridor.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • Two tinderboxes can be found in the room to your right as you enter the Choir Entrance. One is on a table to the left, and another is in the corner on the floor to your right.(127 & 128)

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit


  • Experiencing the flashback will leave the player with very low sanity after it ends, which may make exploring the Choir Main Hall become more dangerous in low sanity.
  • The Prison and the Choir are the two areas of the game that technically consist of two separate locations.

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