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A room in the Cabinet of Perturbation.

The Cabinet of Perturbation is a dungeon-like complex located in the basement of Justine's manor. The entirety of Amnesia: Justine takes place inside this facility.


The Cabinet contains seven inmates: the player (Justine herself), the three Suitors, and the three hostages. Numerous psychological tests, all designed by Justine, are present throughout the area. Most of them give the player a choice of either killing a hostage or taking the time to solve the puzzle required to save them, which is difficult given the presence of the Suitors.


There are four areas in the Cabinet.

There is also an area labeled "Tunnels" found in the Library's basement, but the door is jammed, and there is no way to open it.

Locations of Justine
Cabinet of Perturbation CellsLibraryDungeonCrypt
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