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Back Hall
Back hall
The Back Hall seen from the second floor.
Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Location Brennenburg Castle
Objective Fix the elevator.
Danger rating Safe.
Map Amnesia map back hall by hidethedecay-d416xql
Location guide
Archive Tunnels

Fountain filled with blood and a corpse.

The Back Hall is the tenth area explored by Daniel in Brennenburg Castle, and the second Hub level.

The Back Hall is the area where tinderboxes 46 and 47 are found, as well as lantern oil container 13 is found.


  • Two tinderboxes can be found in a chest underneath the stairs. (46 & 47)


  • There is a oil container in a chest underneath the stairs. (13)


The Back Hall is the section of the castle reached after the escape from the Kaernk in the Archive Tunnels. It's a large, well-lit area, and a nice contrast from the gloomy areas before it.

In the middle of the room there is a fountain with some disturbing features, the spout being a winged centipede with a baby's face, and a pair of disembodied legs hanging over the edge. After exploration of the side rooms, a small corpse will be resting on top of the legs (in low sanity).

The objective here is to fix the broken elevator so that Daniel can use it to access the Prison. Judging from the high number of important parts the machine powering the elevator is missing, one can assume that the elevator was sabotaged by Alexander to hinder Daniel from reaching the Inner Sanctum.

The Shadow will invade the hall after Daniel finishes exploring the Storage, and along with filling the room with the fleshy residue, it will turn the fountain's water into a red fluid, probably blood. After returning to the Back Hall after repairing the Elevator in the Machine Room, the screen will go black. Daniel's vision is then restored to find that the Shadow has blocked the way back to the Hall, making retreat impossible.


The Back Hall is a safe room and several sections of Brennenburg Castle can be accessed from here. These locations are:


  • The music heard in the Back Hall is also known as "ambience safe ambience ".
  • From concept art, one can see that the developers put down a lot of thought in the design of the fountain.
  • The Guild Seal from the 2004 video game Fable by Lionhead Studios can be found on the railing pillars in this room.

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