A free demo version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent can be downloaded from Steam. It consists of three levels: The Rainy Hall, Refinery and the Cellar Archives. The Old Archives, Entrance Hall, Wine Cellar, Laboratory and Archives have been removed completely, and the game ends when you try to access the Archive Tunnels.


The game starts with Daniel waking up in the Rainy Hall, as in the full version. He progresses further and finds the Lantern and a note to himself in a room in the Rainy Hall. In the demo version, the door that leads to the Old Archives leads directly to the Refinery. Unlike in the full version, the Gatherer in the Refinery is a purely visual entity and will not attack you even if you run up to it; it can, however, drain your sanity. In the next area, you will encounter Kaernks. The game ends when you enter the door that leads to the Archive Tunnels. This allows the Kaernk on the opposite side of a door, that was once awaiting for Daniel; to break open the door and pursue him. The following message is displayed:

"Within castle Brennenburg, evil stirs and a terrible shadow draws closer.

A dark descent awaits.

Do you have what it takes to survive?'"

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